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Combat Reflex Ball

No Sparring Partner? No Problem....


✔ Practice Anywhere -  No Gym Or Equipment needed.

✔ Multiple Fighting Skill Benefits -  Improves reaction, agility, punching speed and hand eye coordination.

✔ Provides You with A Challenging Workout -  Not only will you improve your range of fighting skills, you will also burn through the calories.

Make working on your combatting skills enjoyable and convenient again. The Combat Reflex Ball is designed with a lighter and softer ball which prevents the risk of injuries when getting hit.

Ideal for all level of fighters. Guaranteed to give you an intense workout. Use The Combat Reflex Ball consistently and you will very quickly see a massive increase in your overall fighting skills.

The elastic string and soft bouncy ball of the Head-Mounted Reflex Ball creates an unpredictable challenge that hones your boxing skills.

What's In The Box?

1 x Fight Ball
1 x Headband


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