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Vertical Inflatable Punch Bag

Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee....

✔ Improve Your Punching & Kicking Technique - Allows you to work on and improve your combinations and punching/kicking power.

✔ Supports Weight Loss - Enables you to have a highly challenging cardiovascular workout which will burn through calories rapidly.

✔ Can Be Used By Both Adults & Children - No matter age, shape, size or sex you will be able to reach your own personal fitness goals with the Vertical Inflatable Punch Bag.

If you are looking to improve your punching and kicking skills, get fitter and have better coordination then you have came to the right place.

If you are looking to be the next Conor McGregor or just wanting to simply burn a few extra calories from the comfort of your own home then this punch bag is an essential piece of kit. In fact, it is an essential piece for all fitness enthusiasts.

It is the perfect tool for stress relief. Had a bad day? Take it out on this without feeling bad about it!

The bag is easy to inflate and deflate. It is also easy to store around the house and does not take up your precious storage space.

It is extremely simple to set up and get going. All you need to do is inflate the bag and fill the base with water to maintain stability.

The rugged and durable structure withstands the impact of your kicks and punches and keeps you moving and on your toes by coming back for more.


Material: PVC
Color: Red, Black, Yellow
Size: 160 x 65cm


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