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Bulgarian Power Bag

What Hurts You Today Makes You Stronger Tomorrow....


 An excellent addition to your workout gear - our Bulgarian Power Bag can be filled or emptied for storage and transport for on-the-go workouts.

 Durable stitching and lace-up construction ensure this bag can keep up with even your most demanding workouts.

✔ An easy-to-grip alternative to kettlebells, dumbbells, and medicine balls with variable weight functionality 

Does getting stronger and leaner excite you? Of course it does! Who doesn't want to be strong and lean? Absolutely no one

Add versatility to your strength workout with this crescent-shaped Bulgarian Power Bag. With multiple grip points and variable weight fill options, it allows you to hone your speed and strength, and adds an element of challenge and stability that workout tools like kettlebells and medicine balls lack.

Isolate your core, work on your arms, or get your whole body into it - the unique moon shape can be held at the sides or bottom using the included straps. The interior of this durable PU-material bag can be filled with weight, such as sand, to make it lighter or heavier according to your preferences.