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Knee Joint Support Pads

Eliminate Pain In Your Knees And Joints Once And For All....


✔ Relieves Chronic Knee Pain -  Allowing you to live a life free from the restrictions your knee issues have been causing you.

✔ Extremely Versatile -  Can be used at work, for exercise and to aid those recovering from injury.

✔ Designed With Comfort In Mind -  Super comfortable around your bare knee or over your clothing.

Are you one of the many unfortunate souls who suffers with knee problems? Do these knee issues have a negative effect on your training performance and results?

Healthy knees are essential for our mobility and damaging them can have a huge negative effect on our daily lives.

These Knee Joint Support Pads reinforce both knees firmly and reduce the pressure on your joints. 


Material: PC
Size: 295 x 280 x 270 mm
Weight: 0.82


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