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Neck Tension Air Cushion

Finally The Solution To All Your Nagging Neck Problems Is Here....


✔ Relieves Neck Pain Rapidly

✔ Stabilises Neck And Head Injuries

✔ Relaxes Neck And Shoulder Muscles

✔ Portable And Simple To Use

Are you one of the millions of people across the world who is hindered by neck problems? 

If yes you will be glad to know we have the answer to your prayers. 

The Neck Tension Air Cushion provides almost instant relief from a whole host of neck related injuries allowing you to again enjoy your life without the constant burden of neck pain.

Can you remember the days when you lived freely and your lifestyle was not restricted by annoying and painful neck problems? 

We understand how problematic these issues can be. Simple things which you used to take for granted are now met with a nagging sense of dread.

Exercise is a big no no, you avoid flying, even something so simple as playing with your kids now causes you extreme discomfort.

With The Neck Tension Air Cushion you need not worry about these problems anymore or let any other neck issue restrict you from living your best life. 

How It Works

The Neck Tension Air Cushion combats neck pain by relaxing, strengthening and stretching your neck muscles.

This means that you are properly raising your core neck muscles and intervertebral discs.

By doing this the cushion relieves pinched nerves and promotes blood flow almost immediately. 

As your core neck muscles develop more strength, neck tension reduces dramatically and you'll achieve optimal spinal alignment.

How To Use

Simply take the cushion out of the box and place around your neck. Use the adjustable velcro straps to find your perfect comfort level. Remember The Neck Tension Air Cushion is a one size fits all item.

Gradually inflate the pump until you feel a slight stretch in your neck muscles.

Once comfortable simply leave the cushion around your neck for 15-30 mins and relax by catching up with your favourite TV show or reading a book. 


Colors: Grey & Blue
Weight: 108g
Material: Premium Suede
Size: 30x26x10 (LxWxH)


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