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AcuPressure Relief Mat & Pillow

Say Goodbye To Back Pain, Muscle Soreness, Headaches & Stress....

✔ Removes Pain Naturally -Simply lay on the mat for 10-20 mins daily and combat any aches and pains.

✔ Improve Quality Of Sleep -Use before bed to help your muscles and mind de-stress from the day.

✔ Increase Your Energy Levels - Stimulates your nerves and improves blood circulation to help naturally energize and wake you up.

✔ Compact & Portable - Use at home, outside in the park, at office or hotel. 

Imagine your life no soreness, headaches, migraines and tensions. Feels pretty good doesn't it?

Our AcuPressure relief mat and pillow has been shown to significantly reduce pain throughout the body. 

Stop wasting your money on expensive treatments and drugs with unknown side effects. 

Simply use the mat and pillow daily for no longer than 20 minutes to naturally relieve back pain, headaches, stress and sciatica. 

Watch your muscle tension disappear and your energy levels rise.


Material: ABS Plastic
Mat Size: 62 x 38 cm
Pillow Size: 37 x 14.5 x 10 cm


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What's In The Box?

1 x AcuPressure Relief Mat
1 x AcuPressure Pillow

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