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Body Aligning Yoga Mat

Relax And Let Your Worries Melt Away....


Remove Negative Energy, Improve Coordination & Reduce Stress 

 Improve Physical And Mental Wellbeing Anywhere, Anytime!

Ideal For Any Skill Or Fitness Level 


Are you serious about your Yoga practice? Take your Yoga skills to the next level with our Body Aligning Yoga Mat. 

The Pro Yoga Mat which offers an effective and reliable way to enjoy yoga. With ground-breaking technology and a special system to help avoid injury, there’s no other yoga mat that comes close.

Non-Slip Surface- Whether you’re a novice or an experienced pro, your focus and attention should be on your poses, not worrying about whether your mat will slip. The Pro Yoga mat is made from revolutionary non-slip material which offers incredible grip. The double-sided high-grip textured surface holds your mat securely in place so you can concentrate on your yoga, breathing - and nothing else.

Special Alignment System – The unique alignment system helps you to balance your body more easily and helps to prevent injury. The markings improve technique and make it simpler to line up your limbs. Whether it’s a simple stretch or a more complex pose, having a foundation which improves your alignment will infinitely enhance your progress. 

Larger Size - To achieve the perfect balance, you need sufficient space which is why the Pro Yoga Mat is much larger than a conventional yoga mat. Measuring 183cm (72”) x 66cm (26”), you’ll have a longer and wider area to stretch your body.


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This really is a must have item for all passionate Yogi's

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