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FlexiStretch Split Leg Extension Machine

Get Ready To Finally Master The Splits....

✔ Improve Your Flexibility And Balance -Activities that lengthen and stretch your muscles will enable you to prevent injuries, increase balance and avoid back problems.

✔ Adjustable Length - Allows you to regulate the degree of your stretches and work towards flexibility progression.

✔ Lightweight & Compact - Can be used anywhere around the home and fits perfectly in your gym bag for you to take on your travels.

It is fair to say that the splits is widely regarded as one of the most difficult moves the home body can do.

Many spend years trying to master this with no success.

Anyone who can perform this extremely demanding manoeuvre immediately earns the respect of most individuals.

The FlexiStretch Split Leg Extension Machine also comes with many other benefits. It improves your overall flexibility, lets you kick higher, stretch further and reduces risk of injuries.

It can be used by both kids and adults. It comes to you fully assembled and it can be easily adjusted to fit any individuals size and shape.


Material: Stainless Steel
Longest Length: 102.3 cm/ 40.3 in
Shortest Length: 55.5 cm/ 21.8 in


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We understand just how crucial good overall flexibility is in all walks of life. Why are you waiting to improve yours?

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