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Trigger Point Massage Roller

Give Your Muscles Some Good News Today....


✔ Removes Muscle Knots & Tightness - Allowing you to recover easily and quickly in time for your next workout.

✔ Reduces Cellulite - Feel more confident about your body safe in the knowledge that unwanted cellulite is gone.

✔ Suitable For Multiple Body Parts - Improve and treat all the key functioning areas.

✔ Portable And Easy To Use -Use at home, at the gym or even at the office.

Do you find yourself often frustrated about the time it takes certain muscles to recover from your last workout?

This is a common problem for many and you'll be over the moon to know that you can fix this problem today with the Trigger Point Massage Roller.

Simply run this roller over the area in which the lactic acid has built up in to remove any pain and muscle fatigue. 

Unfortunately stretching in itself is not sufficient to remove lactic acid build up and relieve tight muscles.

We recommend adding the Trigger Point Massage Roller into your routine for 15 minutes to really speed up your recovery.

How Does It Work?

Using the four rollers you'll be able to effectively target your stubborn areas of fat. 

The four roller technology allows you to give your muscles a comfortable and relaxing massage.

Each self massage will firm your body and reduce cellulite by promoting healthy blood circulation.

The Trigger Point Massage Roller is compact and can be used literally anywhere.

We have had customers feedback to us that they no longer pay for expensive massage appointments as they can now get the same benefits from their own home whilst saving money. 

Are you really going to deprive your poor overworked muscles this amazing bit of kit? 


Size: 27 x 25cm
Material: ABS Plastic
Weight: 380g


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*Only two colors available right now. We have currently sold out our black stock. Should be back in stock soon*