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Viper Flex Resistance Bands

Introducing Your Personal Home Gym....

Full Body Workout Anywhere, Anytime - You'll never have to worry about being to busy to go to the gym again.

✔ Suitable For Any Levels Of Fitness - Complete newbie, grizzled vet or somewhere in between it does not matter. 

✔ Compact And Portable - Easy to store and take on your travels making sure you can always stick to your training regime.

✔ Targets All Muscle Groups - Allows you to hit each body to build strength and tone muscle.

Give yourself a challenging and innovative workout without the need for expensive gym memberships or fancy space clogging equipment.

Use The Viper Flex Resistance Bands to perform rows, curls, flyes, deadlifts and squats to work towards building and maintaining a better you.

Comes with 5 different colored resistance bands which each have a different weight. This allows you to go as heavy or as light as you like on each exercise. To add weight to each exercise simply add a resistance band to the foam handle provided.

The Viper Flex Resistance Bands are ideal for increasing muscle mass and strength, toning up and losing weight through the amount of calories you burn whilst using.

They allow you to have a truly versatile workout. The amount of exercises available will make sure that your workout results never plateau or you become bored and unmotivated.

What's In The Box?

2 x Exercise Handles
5 x Resistance Bands
1 x Door Anchor
2 x Leg Ankle Straps
1 x Carrying Bag


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